Make Your Money Back Guarantee Terms:

 If, within the duration of 60 days starting the day you enroll in the  Program, you have not noticed or experienced any shift or change in your relationship with yourself or your relationship with your partner AND you have satisfied the terms of the guarantee, you can request your money back by emailing [email protected].

This email must be sent before the 60th calendar day from enrollment. Day 1 starts from the day of enrollment.


In order to qualify for the Guarantee you must have completed the following actions within the duration of the Program:


  •   Completed every video in the Divine Union Academy
  •   Completed every bonus in the Divine Union Academy
  •   Submitted every practice inside the manual as instructed. 
  •   Taken consistent action with every step in the program and manual 
  •   Attended all 12 Coaching Calls, with questions (if applicable) 
  •   Practiced 24 Couple Practices and Honorings minimum. 
  •   Practiced Feminine / Masculine exercises at least 24 times. 


If you qualify for the Guarantee, you will be granted your money back refunded to the same account used for payment.


Read our PRIVACY POLICY here